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David Degroot

David DeGroot believes personal independence is one of the core values of our nation. It’s why he enjoys cross-country trips on his Harley Davidson; it’s why he loves Texas; and it’s why he fights so hard to empower his clients and help them retake control of their lives, homes, and businesses.

After the infamous 2012 hailstorms in the Rio Grande Valley, which damaged and destroyed countless homes and businesses, many insurance companies stubbornly refused to pay any weather-related claims. David recovered hundreds of thousands of dollars from insurance companies on behalf of his clients, enabling them to repair and move on.

In addition to his law degree from the University of Texas School of Law, David also received an M.A. in History from Western Michigan University and a second M.A. in Philosophy with an emphasis on Ethics from Texas A&M University. His knowledge and practice areas are diverse and include real estate, medicaid, insurance, civil and commercial, family, business, and many more.